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Mid Pennine Arts
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Jeff Nuttall

Nuttall edited and published My Own Mag from Nov 1963-Sept 1966, a total of 17 issues.

“Jeff's understanding of Kaprow's happenings and Burroughs' fiction, already evident to him in the early 1960s, linked to some aspects of Romanesque sculpture, Ken Colyer jazz and Dylan Thomas, made a unique recipe for My Own Mag and his subsequent poetry and fiction.” Professor Allen Fisher

When this website was first published, this page contained a fully descriptive listing of the 17 issues of My Own Mag. The descriptions were taken from Iain Sinclair’s 1986 book catalogue “Jeff Nuttall and the Beats”. Each issue was linked to a picture of the front cover.

In December last (2006) I was contacted by an American, Jed Birmingham, who is an enthusiastic collector of small magazines. He wanted to ask where I had obtained the bibliography of My Own Mag. He directed me to the American Burroughs website RealityStudio, and more particularly to his own contribution in the bibliographic bunker, which showed his incomplete collection of My Own Mags.

In 2004 at the time of the Brecon Nuttall show, David Moore, then curator at Brecon, had introduced me to Islwyn Watkins, a lifelong friend and collaborator of Nuttall’s, particularly in the 1960s. (“Mr. Watkins Got Drunk and Had To Be Carried Home”). Islwyn had a complete run of MOMs which he kindly loaned to me. As they were duplicated onto Foolscap size paper – (one of the two old English standard sizes) – it was impossible to scan them. I photocopied them all in reduction onto A4 paper.

I have recently scanned the whole of MOM and supplied the scans to Reality/Studio. If you follow the link you’ll now be able to view every page of each issue of MOM, together with an index, essays &c which make up the first part of an ongoing project. For further details read the link to RealityStudio in Links on the main menu.